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Another author to add to my favorite author list :)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman

I live in Canada.  Center of the continent.  We do winter and do it very well.  I should be used to it by now.  Lived here all my life.  I hate it - winter, that is.  Probably just advancing age, but I get very cranky when I'm cold.  I used to love winter as a kid; skating, tobogganing, skiing, snowmobiling, making snow forts and snow angels but now I know that if I never saw another snowflake, I would be just fine.


It really hit a couple of days ago with colder temperatures and lots of snow.  My normal 45 minute drive to work took 2 1/2 hours and the ride home the same.  The only thing that makes this long ride bearable is 5 hours of listening to audiobooks and at a time of year when my reading enthusiasm is low it seems this is the only way I'm getting any reading in at all.  I've also been slacking in keeping up with writing a little blurb about each book I read, I'm even behind in marking books finished.  I think I'm going into hibernation mode!


So anyway, this is a book I listened to on my work ride and it was great.  Loved it.  It's away from the usual epic fantasy that I have been reading but maybe that's what I need to get out of this reading funk.  I can see why Neil Gaiman is a popular author.  This was a great story and I'll be looking for more from Mr. Gaiman.