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From Mountains of Ice - Lorina Stephens I received this book for free in exchange for a review.

From Mountains of Ice was a very well written book and an interesting read. The story was a good one but I perhaps wished it included more of the story behind the cucullatus which was a very interesting part of the book. The main character Sylvio was a good man and I became attached to him and his wife. I could have used a little more insight into the antagonist, Carmelo, who I felt that I should feel sorry for or should have been more angry at, but didn`t have enough time with him or background information to be able to feel anything for him.

This is not a fast read, requiring attention paid to details to be able to follow the story line. At times the author uses words that I had to stop and re-read the paragraph so that I could understand the meaning. It would have probably read easier (for me :} at least) if the language was a bit simplified.

Overall a good read and enjoyable story.