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Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey It took me a while to get through this book. It was fairly well written but it felt like I should be taking notes as I read. It was not effortless to keep up with the characters and all the political dealings. Maybe it would have helped if the characters names were a little easier to remember (and pronounce!).

The book had more of a medieval feel to it, more so than fantasy. It did have some fortune tellers and some sort of water being that acted as Master of the Straits but that was about it. There was relatively very little sex involved considering the main character is a sex slave working for a master in the name of the gods. The fact that she and all the other training sex slaves begin as very young children is very off-putting and I really wish authors would stop doing this. What is wrong with making sexual characters of a proper age??

Political intrigue and long depictions of war is pretty much what you’ll get reading this book. Which is fine….but I tend to prefer a little more fantasy in my fantasy reads! Overall, not a bad book, but not really my cup-of-tea. I may continue with the series if I run out of other books on my TBR pile……