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House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski Hmmmm....

Well that was interesting!

Four stars because the book was:
1. Very well written
2. Very interesting story. I enjoyed Navidson's story and Truant's story following his gradual decent into madness.
3. Very unconventional in its design, nothing like I've ever read before.
4. I love the puzzles - like figuring out the coded message from his mother. And what is with the check mark on page 97??

Not five stars because the book was:
1. A little over the top with the descriptions of all the people analyzing every psychological aspect and hidden meanings behind every frame of the described film. Enough already!
2. Too much that didn't add to the story and was just tedious trying to get through reading it....I found myself skipping over a lot of the book (ie. the echo section, etc)
3. The end left me feeling like it is unfinished.

Overall, a very talented and imaginative writer! Worth the money to buy the book! Think I'll pass this one along to Carrie!